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Hanging out with Daniel Ito

One thing’s for sure. Daniel Ito knows how to throw a barbeque. Not just because he had great food and a keg, but because Dan is a video editor with a following.
A barbeque at Dan’s place hosts a pilgrimage of talent and I always know I’m in the right place when Tim Demasters of Festivus Film Festival is directing me to the beer. Don’t forget Festivus is accepting submissions because you won’t find a more chill place to show your film.

Plus it’s always good to get advice from the Nix Brother‘s and hear about their latest work with Randy Washington of Total Ghost.  Spawned from a simple yet catchy birthday video, Total Ghost is is racking up the shows and getting lot’s of attention, so watch their Facebook page for show announcements.

Lily Cameron graced the festivities with her presence. Her latest project, The Battle of Darla Ryder, is of to a solid start and I’m always happy to promote films that fill a need in our culture.

And the best part about attending these parties is meeting new filmmakers. Especially when they’re conveniently placed next to the keg.  And while Dave Tell was modest about his design work for film, I’m sure you’ll be seeing an article about him soon because modest or not, it’s too cool to not tell. Besides, there’s nothing like a beer soaked handshake to cement the deal.

Dave was also kind enough to introduce me to his brother Peter Tell who is working on the short horror/thriller, Cadence. Be sure like their fan page to keep abreast of updates.

All in all a fantastic night and a big thanks to Daniel for hosting!