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Film of the Week – Nice Guys


Solo MusiQ, RoxyLee and Mike Ill

One of the great things about working for Fresh Film News is all the invites we get to private screenings. Especially when Parsilux Films is doing the inviting.

I was already impressed with their screening of Mine to Keep so when Parsilux sent me another invite I made sure to attend even though I was extremely late.  And it was worth the effort.

Their latest gem turned out to be a music video for Solo MusiQ. Locally produced video for local band meant I had to pay attention. Though what happened while I was paying attention was completely unexpected. 

I was charmed.

The title is true to the beats because Nice Guys is as charming as it is smooth. The video flowed easily with the music and I watched and listened again and again. After a while I began to wonder if it just matched my taste in music. Maybe no one else would like it as much as I did. Maybe it was just the shots of whiskey Justin gave me.

This doubt held me until Solo MusiQ brought Nice Guys to Open Screen Night… and took first prize. Local actor Spencer Kane insisted that I make Nice Guys Film of the Week despite the fact that it beat his standout performance in Guns Drugs and Synergy. My doubt melted and I realized that music this charming should never be hidden. We all deserve to chance to appreciate this melding of arts.

Besides, how can you go wrong with a sunset over the mountains?

Colorado makes Nice Guys that much nicer.

For best results, watch in 1080p.               

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