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I had the pleasure to work on Tokeasy and I was completely blown away at the ability of the producers to create a quality feature length film so quickly and efficiently. 

Tokeasy follows the hapless adventures of a crime scene cleanup crew (Joshua Ray, Chaz Grundy, and Scott Jones) as they try to survive in a world of prohibition. Marijuana prohibition that is. By highlighting the parallels with alcohol prohibition, Tokeasy creates an intelligent examination of current drug policy and completely slathers it with moronic comedy. It’s like taking the finest steak and deep frying it into a sinful pleasure.

And before you write Tokeasy off as just another stoner comedy, consider that the entire story is based on Dafne, the very first opera.

But enough with the brains, let’s talk about the laughs. The lead actors, Ray, Grundy and Jones move with a well oiled chemistry and inadvertently end up with an old speakeasy that been upgraded for smoking rather than drinking. Of course, a building that old would certainly have a ghost and a la Dafne, this is a different sort of haunting altogether. Let’s just say that the Drug Enforment Agency becomes the least of our hero’s worries.

Considering the long lines at the theater to see Tokeasy I give it ten stars, and take away two stars to be fair since I play a supporting role myself. Watch for Tokeasy, because it’s popular enough that you’ll have a chance to see it soon.


Update: 6/30/12 10pm – Tokeasy screens at the Film Festival of Colorado

Tokeasy has also launched a Kickstarter Campaign to cover final production costs. Get some great movie perks when you support this film!